College Problems

The education department approved a proposal by dream center to buy a trouble chain of for-profit colleges. people more than that the charity was unlike unlikely to succeed. This whole idea that was carried out has now began to backfire and has not lived up to what it was supposed to be. this idea has now began to spiral downhill for the worst.

There has been a large number of schools affected by this. Now, not receiving and bringing in the money they thought they would, they now cannot pay for things they have too. A lot of them are being shut down now which not only affects the students but faculty as well. Students now have to try and transfer credits over to other colleges after they put in years at the colleges that are being affected by this unfortunate situation. These schools include Argosy University, South University, and The Art Institutes

School officials have also been accused of trying to keep these schools open and taking away from the students. “A court appointed receiver has accused school officials of trying to keep the doors open by taking millions of dollars earmarked for students” says Stacy Crowley and Erica Green. Thousands of students are now scurrying to search for somewhere to complete what they have been working towards. “In Less than a month, everything I have worked for the past three years has been taking for me” said Jayne Kenney who has been working towards her doctorate in clinical psychology at Argosy’s campus in Chicago

In my opinion, this situation is very unfortunate for the students who did not know this would happen. Investing their time and hard work to have it basically taken away from them in some cases is a bad situation I would not want to be in. I hope that most students are able to transfer their credits somehow and don’t let their work go to waste.

Admissions Process

Problems with the College admissions process

In this article about college and the process of being admitted, it discusses the negative ways our society and the colleges need to get rid of. During the process, it requires students to sometimes feel pressured to make certain decisions. There are ways we can change the admission process and make it better for everyone. But before doing that, we have to identify what the problems with the process are.

To begin, lots of us students are pressured into finding the right fit. Choosing a college is difficult and we are told that we will find the college that fits us and who we are. But that discourages students when they feel like that have not yet came across a college that fits them. But really not finding a college that seems to fit is not a bad thing at all. We want to challenge ourselves when going to that next stage in life so the college that you may go to might not seem like a perfect fit. It may be somewhat challenging and uncomfortable but that’s a part of learning and growing.

Diversity within the process is another problem. Claiming that a college is diverse because of the numbers is one thing, but actually seeking diversity from communities that have been kept away from colleges is another. As a whole, we need to take away the barriers and the numbers regarding diversity because as long as the college meets whatever percentage of a specific race then it’s Ok. But really we should not let the numbers that are acceptable in today’s society penalize us from doing more and getting everyone the equal opportunity within the college process.

College dropout rates

Kyle Wright


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                   Pursuing degrees that don’t end up finished

    College tuition is something that has gradually became a huge problem in society. Leaving students in debt has became a reason for many students to think twice about even attending college. Its left some wondering at this point is it even worth it? According to this article a lot of students who do end up deciding to go to college end up dropping out. Dropping out of college is probably the worst path you can take.

    Going to college and receiving your degree is very pricy, but for some it ends up being worth the money and time depending on what job they end up getting later on because of that degree. Lots find success in not going to college and starting businesses or working their way up the chain at other jobs. Both are option many people take and succeed in. Dropping out of college by far is the one option you want to avoid. According to this article dropout rates in America are fairly high. Many people invest lots of time and wasted money that goes down the drain when dropping out of college. They would be much better off just not stepping foot in campus in the first place.

    Statistics show that nearly 2 million students who start at a college will end up not finishing college and receiving a diploma. In my opinion I think the rate of college students dropping out could be a reason for other problems involving college. For example, the admission process. The admission process is criticized for being to competitive and o difficult to get ot schools students want to go. If so many students dropout, then doesn’t it make sense for colleges to be very picky and careful about who they accept into their school. Accepting students that dropout are wasted spots and not good for the college so this could be a big factor for that problem as well.

Cost of college

According to this article, the cost of college has now jumped to the second most expensive purchase you’ll make within your lifetime. In the last years, tuition for college has risen about 3-5 percent a year. One big reason for this are the loan dollars that have become available to students going to college. These loans have lead to colleges feeling as if its alright to raise the prices as they have over the years. Yes, loans allow us to go to college but they set us up to be in debt for years. Especially with the rising of prices which put students in a tough situation that follows them for many years after completing school.

    These extremely high price tags for getting a education has scared parents of children attending colleges around the world. In the article, one source says that even though prices have become somewhat outrageous, the education is still there. I agree and disagree with this statement. Yes, the education is still there. However, this education is limited to students. Students who know they don’t come from a family with money might feel very discouraged to go to college knowing they might be on their own paying for this expense. From studies, 39% of students from low-income families attend community college. I believe this number will continue to rise as long as the price of college continues going down the same path.

        Is college worth it? Right now, yes it is. But with the rate at which the prices have been continuously rocketing upwards that answer could change over the years. When’s the point where people can’t really afford it at all anymore? When will people look at college as not worth it anymore? People soon might begin wondering is being in debt for however many years something I want to go through. One study as shown 57% of students regret the loan money they have taken out for college. I do not think the price of college should be a deciding factor whether one gets their education or not but this seems to be where the society is approaching at the rate we are going now.